AC Servo Motors


Technical data

Standard version

  • Resolver feedback
  • Shaft with keyway
  • Protection IP-65
  • Rotatable angled connectors
  • PTC thermal sensor
  • RoHS conform


  • Various types of incremental encoders,
    SinCos encoders, Hiperface, EnDat
  • Shaft without keyway
  • Protection IP-67
  • Shaft seal
  • Straight connectors
  • Direct cable output
  • NTC thermal sensor

Customized versions

  • Shafts (i.e. hollow shafts)
  • Flanges, housings
  • Windings
  • Connections
  • Executions according to customer’s


The modular construction concept is the basis for the wide range of standard models. The slotless stator design results in outstanding technical properties such as high speed, high torque, zero cogging, minimal torque ripple, high efficiency and high rigidity. Thus, these motors are perfectly suited for various demanding servo applications.

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